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How to Optimize the Luxury at Your Home Pool

Posted by AquaTeak on

No luxury home is complete without a refreshing swimming pool. Aside from being a nice place to relax or cool off, pools can provide a visual centerpiece whether inside or out. A luxury pool requires much more than the pool itself and the water it contains. To be a relaxing getaway lagoon or an entertainment focal point, it will need to be adorned with comforts. Here, we will review a few ideas about how to create an upscale, functional poolscape.

Elegant Furniture

Poolside furniture is important in allowing you and your guests to gather around the pool for cocktails, conversations, and relaxing. Depending on the size of the space around your pool, you can consider a teak dining table and matching chairs or you can opt for poolside lounger chairs for soaking up some sunshine. If your pool is complete with a cocktail bar, some teak wood stools provide the perfect tuck-away seating option.

Functional Accessories

Poolside areas require a few unique functional accessories to make guests comfortable and maintain elegance. Try one of AquaTeaks waterproof towel racks that are not only beautiful, but make hanging drying towels less obnoxious. Be sure to keep a laundry hamper near your pool for guests to toss towels in when they are done, which helps prevent a mess or clutter. Storage hampers are also a great way to store pool tools or toys. Another necessary accessory is a floor mat. Providing a designated place for people to stand when they towel off keeps dripping water contained to one spot and eliminates a mess around the pool.

Just for Show

Some decor items are simply for show to help turn a regular pool into a tropical lagoon. Never underestimate the power of plants. Potted ferns or towering palm trees can help create a comfortable oasis for you and your guests to relax near. To give the design of your pool space an extra punch, use colorful tiles in and around the pool. Your tiles can match whatever theme you have created and can allow you to showcase some beautiful art. Curtains and pillars around your pool can transform your pool from a swimming area to a spa-like sanctuary with a classic, grand feel.

For the Fun Factor

If you want to pump up the fun of your home’s pool, there are a few things you can add. If the size and depth of your pool allows, install a diving board and a slide to make splashing around more enjoyable. A small waterfall can help you create a fun, relaxing ambiance. Float loungers and pool toys help to enhance the fun factor.

There are so many ideas for using poolside decor to create your perfect pool atmosphere, the options are nearly limitless. When you do invest in poolside decor, make sure it can stand the test of time as well as the splashing of pool water. Teak wood furniture is naturally elegant, as well as water proof, which means it will outlast your pool! When you are looking for teak wood pool furniture, check out the selection that AquaTeak has to offer.

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