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3 Ways To Rejuvenate Wood Furniture

At Aqua Teak, it’s no surprise that we love wood furniture. Some of our favorite moments are when clients see our teak shower benches, and they just fall in love. But like everything else, time will take a toll. After a while, your furniture might look dull, and they lost that pop that you fell [...]

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When Not To Paint Wood Furniture

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who paint wood furniture, and those who don’t. The first group likes to appreciate the natural shades of wood. We might have a client buy one of our teak shower benches for the buttery yellow color alone. But others are more artistically inclined, and an [...]

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5 Tips For Painting Wood Furniture

The beauty of wood isn’t just its color, or its feel. We adore our teak shower benches, and the mere sight of them puts a smile on our faces. But the real beauty of wood is its versatility. You can re-sand it, stain it, or paint it. If you’ve got a creative itch and you’re [...]

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5 More Staining Tips

Welcome back! If you’re reading this, you probably love wood as much as we do. There’s something special about wood, whether you’re relaxing on a smooth teak shower bench, or admiring a beautiful dining room table. If you’re a creative type, staining restyled furniture is a great way to personalize a piece with your own [...]

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5 Staining Tips

There’s a lot we love about wood. Sure, we love our teak shower benches, and the fact that they provide a touch of class to bathrooms and pools alike. But we also love the versatility of wood, and the idea that it can act as a kind of artistic canvas, particularly when it comes to [...]

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Taking Care Of Specific Types Of Wood

As you probably guessed, we love teak. We specialize in teak shower benches, so it’s not surprising. But the fact is, it’s not the end all and be all of wood. The majority of people have different styles of furniture constructed from different types of wood. Where it can get tricky is the fact that [...]

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Taking Care Of Your Wood Furniture-Part 3

Welcome back! Over the last few days, we’ve been talking about wood furniture, and how to care for it. Proper care is important, and not just to keep it looking good. Perhaps you have a teak shower bench, and it makes showering easier and more convenient. Perhaps you have an oak desk that’s a treasured [...]

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Taking Care Of Your Wood Furniture-Part 2

In one form or another, wood furniture has been around for hundreds of years. We’ve seen massive thrones, delicate tables, and strong bookshelves. Wood design is only limited by the human imagination. Even today, there’s a wide variety of choices, from practical Scandinavian pieces to our own teak shower benches.Yesterday we offered a few tips [...]

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Taking Care Of Your Wood Furniture

In many ways, we live in a disposable society. Most of our technology is designed to be thrown away after we upgrade in a few years. We consume most of our media on phones, tablets, or televisions. Even furniture is frequently planned to break down in a relatively short period of time. We think that’s [...]

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5 More Moving And Storage Tips For Wood Furniture

Welcome back! It’s been said that one of the most traumatic experiences a person can go through is moving. There’s the uncertainty, the psychological upheaval, and the worry that your stuff will either be accidentally destroyed or sent to Alaska. At Aqua Teak, our business is all about quality furniture, and we hate to think [...]

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