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5 Moving And Storage Tips For Wood Furniture

The only constant in life is change. We change jobs, meet new people, and go to different places. Since we go to different places, we often have to move and take our stuff with us. However, one of the most annoying situations to have to deal with is, during a move, something gets damaged. If [...]

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5 Shower Beauty Tips

Shower time doesn’t simply have to be about getting clean. Sure, we’ve all got our habits we follow when showering, and it can be tough to alter the routine. But some changes can make life easier and more productive. It’s worth it to take the time to incorporate these easy tips into your morning shower [...]

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Making A Good Shower Great

If there’s one thing in life that’s true, it’s that a hot shower can reduce nearly any level of stress. We all love our showers, whether it’s first thing in the morning, after time at the gym, or as a way to relax before bed. But, as nice as the experience is, it can be [...]

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Another 5 Reasons To Pick Teak Benches

Welcome back! Yesterday, we rhapsodized about our love of teak in general, and teak shower benches in particular. It’s not too surprising, since teak has become one of the world’s most popular types of wood for furniture. But why this particular wood, and what qualities does it have to vault it into the upper echelons [...]

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5 Reasons To Pick Teak Benches

At Aqua Teak, it should come as no surprise that we love teak. We’ve built our business around providing quality teak shower benches and stools, and that’s because this kind of wood has become wildly possible. But maybe you’re on the fence, or perhaps you don’t know about the many benefits that teak provides.Read on [...]

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Tips For Buying Outdoor Teak Furniture

For years, teak has been one of the most popular choices for outdoor furnishings. Chairs, tables, even our teak shower benches, it’s a wood that has a gorgeous buttery yellow color that eventually fades into a blue-gray shade. Better yet, due to high amounts of rubber and oils, teak is naturally waterproof. It’s highly resistant [...]

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Tweaking Teak

As you probably guessed, we’re big fans of teak. With all of its virtues, who wouldn’t be? Since it has high levels of oil and rubber, it has a natural ability to prevent rotting and water absorption, which makes it a perfect choice for our teak shower benches. Plus, as it oxidizes and loses natural [...]

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5 More Home Steam Shower Tips

Welcome back! Yesterday, we discussed a topic that everybody is interested in, which is steam showers. It might seem impossible to enjoy sitting on a smooth teak shower bench and relax in the midst of comforting steam from home, but believe us, it’s not. However, if you’re considering having a steam shower installed at home, [...]

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5 Home Steam Shower Tips

Just imagine a private spa experience in the comfort of your own home. As steam fills the area, you simply relax for 15-20 minutes of pure comfort. Next, you take a shower which cools you off and energizes your body. Finally, you step out and envelop yourself in a soft and fluffy towel. That’s the [...]

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4 Important Details For Building Your Shower

These days, whether you’re having a new home built or planning a renovation, the bathroom is an area that receives a lot of scrutiny. Specifically, having just the right shower built requires a lot of attention. These days, homeowners are moving away from the traditional bathroom design, and making an effort to personalize it just [...]

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