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Why You Should Invest in Custom Teak Floor Mats

Posted by AquaTeak on

The idea of teak wood shower mats is not new, as teak has always been valued for its natural waterproofness and durability in wet environments. And, while we here at AquaTeak make stock floor teak mats in just about every size, we love our custom teak wood floor mat option the most. We are proud to offer the best quality naturally- harvested, custom-made shower mats for our teak-loving customers. Why do we love our custom floor mat option the most, you ask? There are so many reasons, we will share just a few of them with you here.

Adds Simple Elegance to Your Spa or Shower

If you love the hardwood look of a dry sauna, but have never considered it for your wet spa or shower because you fear the moisture warping and rotting the wood, teak wood is the answer to your prayers. Teak wood is naturally waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew, and wet-rot. Not only is it durable, but it looks simply gorgeous and adds elegant beauty to any space. Whether you have a full home spa or sauna, or you have a walk-in European shower, our custom made teak wood floor mats add the perfect finishing touch to your space.

Adds Functional Safety

One of the great benefits of teak wood is that its natural internal teak oil moisture keeps it from splintering and makes it slip-proof. This means that it is a much safer alternative to slick ceramic or porcelain tile flooring for your shower or spa and is comfortable enough to walk around on with bare feet, without the need to use an additional shower mat. Build a wrap-around custom teak wood floor mat for your garden tub, hot tub, or cocktail pool to provide safe entry and exit. Of course, even if you use our premade teak floor mats, you'll gain an element of safety in wet conditions, anywhere you lay them.

Fits Any Space

The feature that we love the most about our custom teak wood floor mats is that they really are completely custom! Any space you have, you can fit with a teak floor mat to that fits like a glove. All we need are the measurements of the space, including curves, corners, notches, and holes, and we will create the perfect floor mat. Since no two spas are the same, we wait for you to give us the specifics before your custom teak wood floor mat is cut and assembled. Of course, this means your floor mat won’t won’t be shipped as quickly as our stock floor mats, but we promise the wait is well worth it.

At AquaTeak, we are excited to offer custom teak wood floor mats that are perfect anywhere you can imagine. Indoors, outdoors, in hallways, kitchens, bathroom, spas, and poolside. Find the perfect finishing touch for your space in our custom teak floor mats. For more information, read all about it here. Shop our entire line of teak shower and spa items today!

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