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Prepare Your Pool For Summer

Posted by AquaTeak on

After a long, cool winter, the sun has finally returned and pool season is beckoning to begin. Before you can invite guests over for your pool opening or plunge into your own pool, there are a few things that you need to do to prepare your pool for summer. Once you find a local pool care company to open your pool and chemically treat the water, the actual pool itself will be ready for you to take a dip in. However, for creating a relaxing pool day, there are a few other things you should do. Here are a few of our favorite, luxury suggestions.

Upgrade Your Poolside Seating

Take a look at your current poolside seating options. Are the options comfortable and host-worthy, or are they looking weathered and dingy? Most outdoor furniture, whether plastic adirondack chairs or wooden benches, tend to begin to wear down after just a season or two. From the weather and chlorine to spills and tanning oil exposure, your patio furniture takes a beating. While you could buy new cushions to spruce them up, consider, instead, investing in some teak wood pool furniture. Teak wood is naturally waterproof and weather-resistant, and it looks great, no matter what it is exposed to. If it does begin to look weathered, there is no reason to cover it up. Simply rub it down with teak wood oil to bring it back to life. Browse the entire selection of pool loungers (, patio chairs (, and benches ( at AquaTeak today!

Make it a Day

If you are hosting pool parties or pool days, it is important that you make it comfortable for the entire day. This means that you have accounted for food and beverages, as well as towels and pool accessories. One of the best ways to do this is to have designated areas for various activities around your pool. For instance, every pool should have a bar located near it, stocked with cool beverages for hot days. A grill area or quick access to the home kitchen is also essential. For towels and other accessories, you can again turn to AquaTeak to meet all your needs. Our collection of towel racks ( and hampers ( will hold both the towels when they are done being used and pool accessories, such as flotation devices or maintenance equipment. A cabinet can hold clean towels and sunscreen or other small pool items that aren’t appropriate to store in a hamper.

Provide Some Shade

While some of the purpose of a pool day is a chance to get out and enjoy some sunshine and turn your skin a nice summer bronze, there are times when shade is your sanctuary and completely necessary. If your pool is completely outdoors with no cover provided by overhang from your home, an awning, or a closed in screen, it is essential to invest in some umbrellas for either your table and/ or seating options. A poolside gazebo is also another great option that provides shade as well as some privacy and and element of elegance to your pool area.

With the official kick-off to summer being this weekend, it is time to make sure that your pool is ready for summer entertaining! If your poolside is lacking or you are looking to upgrade, make sure to check out the wide selection of poolside furniture that AquaTeak has to provide. Waterproof and weather-resistant teak wood is the perfect solution to any pool or spa, shop our entire collection today!

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