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What is Teak Used For?

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Teak is one of the finest, most coveted hardwoods available. Due to its high oil content, tensile strength, and tight grain, teak wood is incredibly durable and weatherproof. Early, the importance of teak was realized and put to use, and since has increased in value. Beginning in the seventh century, teak has been used as decor for residences of the wealthy and powerful to establish class dominance. Here are some other, more practical uses of teak wood:

Marine Decking

One of the most common and practical uses of teak wood is for marine decking. Remember the world famous luxury cruiseliner, the Titanic? Its decks included the use of teak in addition to pine. Not only is teak naturally waterproof, but it is also durable enough to be used in highly trafficked areas, making it ideal for boat decks. Navies of the world also used teak for their battleship decks. Perhaps, even more famous than the Titanic, the Battleship USS Missouri, which is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawai’i had a deck made entirely of teak. Although the United States Navy may have thought it looked professional and sleek, it also had a big job to do. The teak served to protect crew members from sparks that would have otherwise been created with gunpowder on a metal deck. The USS Missouri had 1.2 acres of teak deck that was able to stand up to the beating sun confidently and without warping. On September 2, 1945, the teak deck was the host to the formal end of WWII, when the Empire of Japan walked onto it and signed the surrender documents. Today, teak is used to fashion the decks of luxury boats and yachts. Not only is teak elegant and beautiful, it is also able to stand up to the sun and salt of the ocean.


Teak wood makes beautiful, functional furniture. Its natural hardwood beauty allows it to blend in with any home decor. Because of its durability and anti-weathering properties, it is the premier lumber used to make luxury outdoor furniture. Teak wood is the ideal material for furniture in spas or poolside. Most wood will swell with moisture, and when it dries out, will crack or warp, but teak has an abundance of natural oils that prevent this from happening. Over time, teak may turn grey if left exposed to the weather, however, with a light oil rub, its natural look will be restored. Accessories, such as cutting boards, and window and door frames, are used because they look amazing and are very resistant to wear and tear, as well as insect infestation.

Herbal Medication

The leaves, stem, and bark of the teak tree can be used to prepare herbal medication for preventing asthma and treating bronchitis. The leaves of the teak tree can be prepared for treating and healing wounds, especially burns. It can also be used as an antidiuretic and a laxative. Historically, teak plants have been used in treating leprosy and dysentery.

For anything you can use other woods for, you can use teak wood instead, plus more! The benefits of teak over other wood is strength, durability, and its weatherproof properties. All plants serve some purpose to people, but some plants are far more useful than others, like teak. Teak is of particular use to people because it can be used as wood, medication, and even culinary purposes; not many other trees can boast that!