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Getting Your Patio Furniture Ready For Summer

Spring has sprung, and summer is almost here! The birds are out, and the blooms are budding. We’re so excited. We’re dusting off the patio furniture, giving it some love, and preparing to bask in the glow of the summer sun.Here are some tips from the team for preparing your patio furniture for the summer [...]

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Our Favorite Garden and Patio Accessories

Teak patio furniture goes with everything, so no matter what kinds of patio accessories you prefer, your style will show through.Here are some of our favorite outdoor accessories and ideas for completing your look around your teak patio furniture.Light It UpLighting up outdoor spaces used to be a real challenge. Not anymore. The market is [...]

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2017 Outdoor Design Trends

If you are planning to design a new outdoor space in 2017, there are some trends you definitely don’t want to miss out on. In addition to beautiful teak patio furniture, there are a number of ways to make your outdoor space a special reflection of you, on just about any budget.No More Matchy-matchy FurnitureWe’re [...]

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We’re Crazy For Teak

Clearly, we love teak. But we’re not alone.Teak wood has been in use for more than 2,000 years, and can still be found intact in excavated buildings that are more than 1,000 years old. An archaeological dig in Berenike, even uncovered remnants of a teak ship used in Indian-Roman trade more than 2,000 years ago. [...]

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Cross-Section of a Teak Tree

Did you know that not all teak is created equal? Depending on where the teak comes from, it may damage more easily, crack faster, and feature plain color. Now, there are different types of teak trees from different places, but within each tree, there are three different types of wood. We want to talk about [...]

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Choose AquaTeak this Holiday!

As the holidays come closer and closer, many people are bracing themselves. They may be traveling or getting ready for the arrival of relatives they haven’t seen in a long time. They may be struck away from home or grieving the loss of loved ones. Whatever you’re going through, the holidays seem to amplify it, [...]

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How to Know If the Teak Is Real

In our last blog, we discussed teak’s rich history. It has long been coveted for its superior color, texture, waterproofness, and durability. As with any in-demand material, there are people who sell fake teak to consumers who don’t know better. At AquaTeak, we sustainably produce authentic teak products in Indonesia, being careful to inspect everything along the [...]

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Teak’s Rich History

Today, discriminating furniture buyers understand that teak is the most durable, moisture-proof wood in existence. The thing is, they have understood this for centuries. Teak’s sleek appearance and unmatched toughness has set it apart for a very long time. The team at AquaTeak is proud to be able to provide furniture made of such an incredible material [...]

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4 Decoration Tips

One of the great things about furniture decoration is that there’s no single right way to do things. When one of our customers takes home a teak shower bench, there are numerous ways they can use it in a bathroom, steam room, pool area, or outdoor shower. Since people are inherently creative, we’d like to [...]

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Picking The Right Office Furniture

At Aqua Teak, the vast majority of people who buy our teak shower benches buy them for their homes. But we suppose it’s possible that someone bought one as some kind of office furniture. Picking the right office furniture, whether it’s for a home office or a traditional workspace, doesn’t have to be difficult.Read on [...]

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