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AquaTeak’s Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Holiday Guests - Part One

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Yes, it is that time of year again. And, no, it isn’t too early to start. You’ve got a lot on your plate right about now, and if you keep putting it off, you’re going to find yourself in another mad rush to get the house ready for all of those holiday guests you are expecting.

Number One, Don’t Forget The Bathrooms!

If you’ve got overnight guests, one of the most important things you can do to make them feel at home is to make sure your guest bathroom is ready for them. Do you have parents and grandparents coming? How about siblings or cousins? Are there any new arrivals making their first appearance at a family holiday? You’ll need to think about all of these folks and what they’ll need in order to feel at home.

If you’ve got some older folks or a new mom coming to visit, adding a comfortable and beautiful teak bench to the bathroom will be really appreciated. They both might appreciate a little extra storage space too. A corner shelf unit for storing supplies, or hamper dedicated to the extra clothes mom and baby are sure to go through, would both go a long way toward helping everyone feel like you really are thrilled to have them visiting.

Finally, where bathrooms are concerned, make sure that every bathroom in the house is well stocked with all of the necessities, from toilet paper to personal hygiene items. The last thing you want is for grandpa to be yelling from the bathroom for more toilet paper.

Guest Rooms Are Next

Make sure your guest rooms are comfortable and have all of the amenities people will need to feel comfortable. If each room has a nice comfortable chair and plenty of light for reading, and maybe even a nice collection of books to choose from, you may not see some of your guests a whole lot during their visit. It isn’t that you don’t want to see your family while they are visiting, but we know how overwhelming it can be for you and your visitors when there’s a house full of noise and commotion. Everyone needs a break sometimes. And, wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could retreat to their own corners from time to time? We think so.

Make sure your guests have plenty of storage room too. Living out of a suitcase is exhausting. Just having a few empty drawers can make all the difference. Give them their own personal supply of items like towels so they don’t feel like they have to rummage through the linen closet to find things.


Remember, Mornings Can Make or Break the Day

You’re going to have some early risers in the group, and if you aren’t a morning person that can make things pretty tough on you. Set up the coffee the night before and put it on a timer so it’ll be ready to go for whoever gets up first. Have a carafe handy, and ask your early birds to fill it up and make a second pot for the next group. Set out cups, condiments and other necessities the night before. And, don’t forget the tea drinkers.

Keep things simple, and leave a note if you need to. You don’t want people waking you up asking where the waffle iron is or what the plan is for breakfast. It shouldn’t be tough to please everyone. If you prepare in advance with fruit, bagels, a few flavors of yogurt, cereals including a vegan option, milk and a vegan milk-alternative, and one gluten-free choice, you’ve pretty much covered everyone. Leave anything that doesn’t need refrigeration out on the counter, along with a note inviting people to enjoy in whatever they find in the fridge. That’ll keep everyone happy and occupied until you’re ready to start your day.

Get Your Guests to Go Away

We’re not suggesting that you kick your guests out early, just that you give them something to do while they are visiting other than hang around the house. If there are teenagers with drivers licenses in the house, make a deal with them in advance to act as chauffeurs for a day or two. They can take people to a holiday event, or even just help folks run errands. If no one has a large vehicle, you might want to even consider renting a minivan so you can accommodate the crowd.

If your guests are self-sufficient just provide them with some brochures about local attractions. If they’re going to need a nudge, you can always make a plan for them and put someone else in charge of herding cats.

That gives you enough to think about for now. We’ve got one more installment coming up with some more tips for making sure everyone has a happy holiday and that no one gets stressed out. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our teak furniture and accessories that will help make your holiday guests feel special and make your home look beautiful.