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Grading Teak Wood

Posted by AquaTeak on

Teak wood is arguably one of the best woods for making heartwood furniture and is available in a variety of texture and color. The quality of teak wood is graded by its appearance and quality as A, B and C grades. Here, we will discuss the grades of teak wood and how it affects the quality and appearance of teak furniture. Teak wood is an incredibly durable and long-lasting wood that can create furniture capable of lasting a lifetime. However, if you are getting poor quality wood, it could greatly affect the ability of your furniture to stand the test of time, beautifully.

Grade A

Grade A teak wood is from the mature heartwood of the teak tree, at the very center of the core. To yield the best teak wood, the teak tree should be at least 20 years old, but is ideally 30-50 years old. The center is where the teal oil is most concentrated and there are the least knots. Grade A teak is the highest quality of teak wood and is used to make products that will be subject to the most extreme conditions such as boat decks and outdoor patio furniture. Grade A teak is usually honey colored and the grains are very close together. Because only about a quarter of the teak tree is Grade A, it makes it the most expensive type.

Grade B

Grade B teak wood is the immature heartwood that surrounds the mature wood, nestled between it and the sapwood. If the tree is younger, in the 15 to 25 year range, the entire center may be Grade B. The immature wood has less oil concentration than the mature wood, so it does not have the same shine. Grade B teak is still a very high quality wood, but because it lacks oils, it is ideal for being stained and used as indoor furniture where it will not be exposed to moisture or harsh environments. Grade B teak wood has a warm color with occasional streaks of black or knots, which are naturally occurring as the tree grows.

Grade C

Grade C teak wood is the outer sapwood of the teak tree that is still in the growing process. If raised in teak farms, very young trees may be cut down and used, resulting in a tree full of sapwood and little to no heartwood. The sapwood is responsible for distributing water to the branches. For this reason, the sapwood has no oil, but is instead water based. The weak, newer wood can be easily damaged and can split and distort over time. Grade C teak wood is not idea for use in anything that may get wet or be exposed to any harsh conditions. Grade C is considered cheap because there is no consistency in its color or overall appearance. It is used to create indoor furniture and crafts. 

It is important to understand the differences in the quality of teak wood before investing in teak furniture. If you are able to tell the grade of the wood by its appearance, you are less likely to be fooled by furniture companies selling Grade C teak wood furniture at Grade A prices! If you are looking for high quality teak wood furniture that is durable and sustainable, that will hold up to moist elements such as in your spa or pool side for years to come, check out the beautiful teak wood furniture sold at AquaTeak.