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How to Dress Up Your Teak Wood Furniture

Posted by AquaTeak on

Teak wood is a simply beautiful wood, naturally. Its own oils help to keep its brilliant shine throughout its life, and when you reapply a coat annually, you are only helping your furniture last longer. Teak wood looks fabulous in any room and matches most decor. If you are looking for a pop of color or some pizzazz, teak wood furniture is not the first place many people look. Teak wood furniture is known for its minimalist look, it is designed that way to highlight the beauty of the wood and not distract from it. However, teak wood furniture is also very versatile. Since it can be used in any room of the house, spa, pool, or patio, there are many ways you can dress it up. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are generally purely decorative and their sole purpose is to add the color, texture, and depth, to what has the potential to be an otherwise boring space. Many people know that throw pillows look great on a couch or a bed, but don’t limit yourself! If you have a teak bench for your patio or breakfast nook, give a look and feel of comfort with a few throw pillows. A small pillow also compliments a pool lounger well, and supports your neck while you sunbathe or read by the pool! If you are the do-it-yourself type, you can purchase additional cloth napkins to make your accent pillows to match your place settings.


AquaTeak is home to a wide variety of teak wood shelving options ranging from triple tiered standing shelf units to single suction cup shower shelves. One of our favorite, the Square, three tier bath stand tucks perfectly into any corner or between doors in a hallway. A simple way to dress it up is to add a few vases of your liking that match the decor of the space. Don’t feel obligated to fill the vases, keep it simple. If you like the look and smell, we recommend just a few simple, fresh flowers or a scented potpourri stick. Vases also make the perfect centerpiece to any table.


Although all of our teak wood furniture was built for a specific purpose, it is always fun to find other uses for them. We love out angled teak towel stand because it looks great in any spa, shower room, or poolside for neatly holding towels. But, we also love to use it in a sitting room or guest room to neatly display throws, furs, or special quilt pieces. If you are a connoisseur of scarfs, it also works very well in a walk-in closet to organize your collection. The beauty of buying such durable, functional pieces is that they are incredibly versatile and will look amazing wherever you use them! 

If you are looking for a way to dress up your teak wood furniture, we hope these tips help. We would discourage you from painting, staining, or “distressing” your teak. Unlike other woods, teak wood has its own natural oils that give it a brilliant, beautiful shine and covering that with any chemicals can negatively affect the wood and dramatically shorten its lifespan. Cushions, accent throws, trinkets and nick-knacks can help dress up your furniture without altering its natural beauty. If you are looking to add to your teak wood furniture collection, shop with us at AquaTeak today!