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Saving Space and Making Your Small Space Feel Bigger

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There’s more to making the most of a small space than just storing things out of sight. You need your space to be functional, and putting everything away in a cupboard where you can’t see it isn’t always a practical solution. You also want your small space to feel open and welcoming, not closed in and claustrophobic. We’ve pulled together some of our team’s favorite tips for solving these small-space dilemmas.

Get Things Off the Floor

This is a great tip both for saving space and making your small space feel bigger.

Get storage off the floor by replacing cabinets and armoire with shelves. A great way to get things of the floor in the bathroom is with shelving like our Moa Teak Shower Shelf, or using corner shelves to make the most of unused space. Or stack flat shelves, like our Moa Teak Flat Shelf, to store linens and display accessories.

In the rest of the house, you don’t necessarily have to put everything on the walls to make your small space seem bigger. Just choosing furniture with legs that lift chairs and sofas off the floor, and create visible space under tables and other furniture, helps to open up your space and make it feel larger. And, adding wall units with shelves, cabinet doors, and hidden storage spaces can really help with those small-space storage issues.

Give Everything a Home

From keys to snow boots, and from books to basket balls, everything needs to have a home. There’s nothing worse for your small space than clutter. It’ll make even a big space feel small. If you can’t find a home for something, ask yourself if you really need it. If you do, get creative and find a place for it. If no one in the house has used it in a year or two, but you just can’t seem to part with it, the time has probably come to suck it up, and either throw it out or donate it.


Make Color Your Friend

In small spaces, use monochromatic or complimentary colors, rather than contrasting tones. Create interest without drawing attention to the fact that the blue wall is only 9 feet from the bright yellow wall. And, use color to disguise storage spaces and make them fade into the background. For instance, paint a toy-bin the same color as the wall to make it almost invisible and keep the room feeling open and spacious.

Don’t forget about textiles. Choose furniture fabrics and rugs that use textures, rather than additional colors, to create more interest in your small space.

Use Built-ins

Installing a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or storage unit may seem like a waste of space, or like you’re giving up a lot of room you could use for something else. But ultimately, you’re going to save space and make your room feel larger. Your built-in is going to eliminate the need for extra free-standing furniture and storage. And, because it goes from floor-to-ceiling, it creates the illusion of space, making your room feel taller and longer than it actually is. Don’t get too creative. For best results, keep it one solid color, and choose a color that compliments the rest of the room.

Add a Focal Point

One large piece of art or particularly interesting piece of furniture that stands out from the rest can also help create the illusion of space. It can seem a little counterintuitive, but trust us, it works.

If you choose wisely, a piece of art that takes up one entire wall in a small living room, or even in a powder room, won’t overwhelm your room, it’ll make it feel more spacious. And, one stand-out piece of furniture can do the same.

In the bathroom, choose a unique piece of teak furniture or a teak accessory like a bath mat. The color compliments any colors you’ve chosen for your paint and tiles. For a bedroom, a large,wall-mounted headboard can give you the illusion of space you want.

Take it Outside

One sure way to make your small space feel larger is with natural light. Adding a large picture window to bring the outdoors in is a great choice. Even better, a large glass door leading to a patio makes your outdoor entertaining space part of your room, actually making your space bigger than it was. Choose outdoor accessories and furniture that complement your room’s decor to seamlessly transition from indoors to out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips. You’ll find a lot of unique accessories and furniture right here to help open up your small spaces. Take some time to shop while you’re here.