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The Perfect Housewarming Gifts

A housewarming gift can become a treasured keepsake, or it can become one of those things that gets shoved into a closet or re-gifted. You don’t have to make yourself crazy about what to get your friends in celebration of their new home, and you don’t have to worry that your gift will be relegated [...]

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Choosing High Quality, Sustainable, Beautiful Outdoor Furniture

We can all agree, when you are investing in patio furniture, you want it to be beautiful, durable, and sustainably manufactured. How do you find all of that rolled into one package? It can be tough, but in our second article in this two part series, we’re going to provide some tips to help you [...]

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Choosing The Best Quality, Most Comfortable Wicker Outdoor Furniture

We are proud to say that all of our outdoor furniture including, our long-lasting, environmentally friendly wicker, and beautiful, responsibly-harvested teak, is extremely comfortable, and built to last for decades.The same can’t be said for all outdoor furniture. And, unfortunately, it isn’t unusual to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on patio furniture, only to [...]

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Bathroom Remodeling Blunders

If you’re looking for teak furniture and accessories for your soon-to-be renovated bathroom, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t find a better selection of high-quality, sustainably-sourced teak bathroom furniture anywhere. But, before you start decorating, you have to finish remodeling, right?We know that a lot of our customers love their teak bathroom stools, shelves [...]

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Surprising Bathroom Design Trends

This is the second in our series about trends in textiles and other home design materials. Our first article delivered the goods with amazing insights into new fabric trends for outdoor spaces and a look at environmentally-friendly materials being developed for natural-looking wicker. Take a look at that article if you are interested in learning [...]

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Fabric, fabric everywhere

The home design industry is buzzing this year with the news of great new textiles. Advances in durability, sustainability, as well as new design trends for indoor and outdoor fabrics are showing up at home shows, in industry news, and in consumer showrooms across the country.AquaTeak is constantly striving to improve the quality and beauty [...]

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Complete Your Outdoor Patio Space

Once you’ve chosen the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor entertaining space, you’ll want to set the scene with the perfect plants and accessories for day or night. With plants that attract birds and butterflies, and lighting that sets the mood, you’ll create the ideal setting whether you’re serving Sunday brunch or Friday night cocktails. [...]

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Preparing Your Bathroom For Overnight Guests

When you have family or friends staying overnight, you want to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Even if you are a super tight-knit family or the closest of friends, sharing space overnight can be a little awkward.Here are some tips for preparing your guest bathroom for visitors.Clean It UpA spotless, fresh [...]

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A Historical Perspective On Your Patio Furniture

Garden furniture has been around for a long time. Once cultures around the world developed enough to give human beings leisure time, furniture for lounging was not far behind.If you’ve visited the Acropolis in Greece or the ruins of the Roman Forum, you’ve seen some of the earliest examples of outdoor furniture. They’re fun for [...]

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Teak Bathroom Accessories

Teak is always a great choice for bathroom accessories. Adding just a few teak accessories can create a whole new look for your bathroom and make it feel like a zen-like spa. In this article we’ll review a few of our favorites.Teak Shower BenchesWe feel especially qualified to talk about the merits of teak shower [...]

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