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Product Care

AquaTeak® Product Care

Your product is made of solid teak wood and is enhanced with our proprietary finish.   This finish adds a rich and protective coating and does not require any special maintenance other than an occasional cleaning with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent.  When the product is not exposed to water or sunlight it will maintain the same look for many years. 

Product options when exposed to water or sunlight (does not apply to Mocha finish):

Do nothing and enjoy the natural weathering patina that evolves with normal use. Teak furniture when exposed to water and sunlight will slowly fade to a natural silver-gray color. This color transformation does not affect the durability of the teak furniture.

Do not consistently leave teak furniture in standing water.


Maintain color

If you prefer to keep your teak product at its original color instead of letting it weather to a silvery-grey patina then an occasional coat of AquaTeak Premium Teak Oil applied to the furniture will help maintain that look. Apply a small amount of teak oil on a soft rag and rub onto a clean & dry teak product. After you have oiled the product wipe again with a clean dry rag to remove excess oil. The oil is meant to penetrate the wood not sit on top. Follow the instructions on the teak oil bottle. 


Restore color

If your furniture has turned silver-gray from weathering in the shower or sun;  you may choose to restore the finish. You must first remove the thin weathered layer by using AquaTeak Cleaner & Brightener before applying teak oil.

As the wood weathers, you may notice small cracks, this is called "checking". This is normal and in no way affects the stability and integrity of the furniture.


About AquaTeak®

AquaTeak is proud to offer "eco-friendly" products that are certified as 100% plantation grown. All AquaTeak quality products are manufactured from Indonesian teak wood selected from carefully managed government farms. Teak is a dense, hardwood that contains high levels of resinous oils that allow it to be naturally resistant to moisture. No other wood compares to teak making it the ultimate material choice for furniture construction and ship building worldwide.

We take great pride in 100% customer satisfaction. All of our products come with an unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee and backed with a 5 year limited warranty. If you ever have any problems or concerns, our staff will be happy to speak with you. Welcome to our world of timeless beauty, functionality and elegance!
Please feel free to call us at (321) 751-9900