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Beauty is In the Details: Teak Wood Accessories Than Will Define Your Space

Posted by AquaTeak on

Teak wood is highly valued for its natural beauty, durability, and water resistance. Because of the natural oils in the wood, it is resistant to mold, rot, and weathering which means it lasts a lifetime with little maintenance while offering the natural beauty that all wood offers. Teak wood is the ideal wood for wet environments such as spas, showers, and poolside. It is as functional outside as it is inside. Here at AquaTeak, we are proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer of teak wood furniture, but we also make accessories, because we are well aware that the beauty is in the details. We would like to highlight some of our favorite teak wood accessories that can help you create that polished look that every homeowner craves.

Teak Storage Options

The key to great accessories is being functional while adding to the overall look of the space. We love teak wood home and spa accessories as they not only look stunning, but they are capable of housing anything! Teak wood shelving, such as the corner shelf looks great in any room, but because it is handcrafted from all natural teak wood, you can use it in your bath or spa to display decorative items or hold your bath salt collection, without worry of the steam causing it to mold or warp. 

Bath and Spa Teak Wood Accessories

AquaTeak is known for our extensive line of teak wood bath and spa accessories! We offer everything you need from furniture to small accessories for your bath, shower, or spa. Some of our favorites are our teak towel rack which is beautiful and functional! It doubles as a blanket rack in other rooms as well. Another great item we offer is our teak wood floor mats, available in stock sizes, or completely customizable

Kitchen and Entertaining Teak Accessories

We love the way teak wood and stainless steel compliment each other, the same way that teak wood compliments kitchen and entertainware. While you could serve cocktails on metal platters, we love the softer look and feel of wooden amenities accessories. Most wood will readily absorb and stain from any spills, along with permanently warping. Teak wood’s natural oils protect it from stains and swelling, keeping your wooden partywear in service all night long! 

Pool and Patio Teak Wood Accessories

Another area that AquaTeak does well is pool and patio furniture and accessories. As previously mentioned, teak wood is the superior wood for wet environments. We love our teak laundry hampers for holding guest towels and our double hampers have the ability to separate clean from used. They are also useful for storing pool toys and summer swimming essentials. As with all teak wood products, they are mold and mildew resistant, so your towels will always be fresh!

Speaking of poolside, our luxury pool and patio furniture is second to none. We know they aren't technically accessories, but our teak loungers accessorize any pool by adding luxury and elegance.

There are so many benefits to investing in teak wood furniture and accessories such as the natural durability and its resistance to water, weather, mold, and termites that make it perfect for any space. But, the superior quality and natural beauty of teak wood simply cannot be topped. When you invest in teak wood accessories, you are sure to have beautiful products that you can count on enjoying for decades. Browse our entire selection today! 

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